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From: Bob
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farm 2 If this content is chinese underage girls illegal where you live or you are uncomfortable with
reading about adult youth sex then you should leave now. This is basically
a true story, the names have been changed . After the last session with Richard I couldn't,t wait for our next
meeting. The next day I had to work underage nude mpeg for another farmer and didn't get to
see him. Monday morning Richard was the one that picked us up in town. He
asked if I wouldn't mind working with him at the house today and I said
sure. Well we dropped the other kids off at the farm and headed to the
house. We3 did some cleanup and I washed all the windows. About lunch
11:30 he asked me if I was ready for lunch. I asked what was for lunch and
he said you, well we both laughed and he started to tickle me. I begged
him top stop before I peed my pants. This only made him get more in to it.
I couldn't help it and peed my pants and he burst out laughing. I was very
embarrassed so he came over to me and started to french kiss. I loved the
way he forced his tongue in my mouth and was giving my tongue back to him
with everything I had.
Richard sat me on the table and removed my shoes and socks then stood me
up to remove my pants and underpants. He told me to rinse them out and
hang them on the line in the back room. while I was rinsing them out he
started to play with my cock and balls while he was kneeling behind me. I
was already rock hard and was having great trouble paying attention to the
task at hand.
Richard told me to hang the things up and then come in to the bedroom.
I ran to the other room and hung up my clothes and ran in to the bedroom.
I jumped up on underage cum shots the bed and we again started kissing. He got off the bed
and had me stand up and lean over the bed. I was a little scared of what
he planned to do but obeyed anyway. He started to play with my ass and was
running one hand up and down the inside of my legs and just brushing my
cock. 3d underage toons He started to kiss up and down my back and lick my ass crack.
As he wads working on my ass crack with his mouth he was slowly milking
my prick. The minute he stuck his tongue in my ass I shot off in his hand.
I'm sure this was what he had in mind. He took my cum and started to work
it in to my ass hole with one finger, DAMB, I never went soft. He went
very slow and just kept pushing in and out working the finger in deeper and
deeper. He finally got the whole finger up in my ass and I felt full. Ever
so slowly he started to fuck me with his finger.
Being as light as I was he picked me up with one hand and the finger
from the other hand still in my ass and laid me down on the bed. underaged naked fucking
started to kiss my nipples and kissing me while he continued to finger fuck
my ass. naked underaged teenagers
Then he started to rotate his finger and pulled it out a little
ways till he found what he was looking for my male clitty. All the while
he was playing with that love button he was kissing me or my nipples I came
for the second time that day without him even touching my cock, wow what a
sensation. We must have been at it for over an hour and a half.
I was told to get dressed and we headed to the dairy barn where I had to
clean out the stalls and the troughs. Richard always had me do some barn
work before the end of the day so I smelled like I had been working Before
he took us all home. The other kids would make fun of me because I smelt
like cow shit and they would say I had the shitty job on the farm, if they
only knew.
Because beans and peas were in season I didn't see Richard for over a
week. As soon as the crops slowed down I was sent back to work on the
dairy farm. I remember this like it was yesterday. Richard picked me up
on Monday morning from the other farm here we had been dropped off and said
they were thru with the house and we had a lot of work to do.
As soon as we were in the house I was in his arms and we were kissing
like crazy. Richard told me he had a treat for me today and asked me if underage virtual porn I
had ever fucked a girl( he knew damb well the answer). I told him no and
then he dropped the bomb shell and asked me if I wanted to fuck him. Man,
I was in heaven. We went in to the bedroom and both got undressed. He
asked me if I had liked it when he had tongued his ass. I laughed and said
he knew damb well I loved it. He asked me if I would do it to him. I
would do anything for this man. I climbed on top of him and started to
french kiss and then slowly worked my way down to his nipples, they were
huge. As I was working my way down his body with kisses I was slowly
milking his giant cock. When I got to his cock I gave it some of the
attention that it deserved, mmmm I love sucking his cock, I can get almost
half of it in my mouth. He picked his butt up off the bed by pushing down
on his legs and put a pillow under his ass. apprehensively at first I
started to lick his butt crack like he had russian underaged preeteen done mine then I started to lick
his ass hole. All this time Richard was encouraging me with words and
telling me how good a boy I was and what it felt like.
While my tongue was working on his ass I felt him roll to the side and
heard a drawer open. He said Bobby come up here, put some of this lotion
on my ass and on your virgin cock. I was breathing hard as I lubed up his
ass and my cock. I got in position and had trouble finding his hole. I
must have stabbed 3 or 4 times before he grabbed my cock and guided it to
his hole. He had me push in slow(like I had a big cock) and when I was
about half way in underage models naked he put a hand on each of my ass cheeks and pulled me the
rest of the way in. Man, I was in heaven. I was getting laid at 14 and
knew the rest of the guys were still virgins, granted I was fucking a guy,
but hey I was fucking. I think it must have taken me all of 15 strokes
before I came in Richards ass. I slumped on his belly and just laid there
for a few minutes. He said I was a man now and had me roll over.
Richard went to the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth and
washed my cock and balls. Since I was supposed to be cleaning the house
Richard said that we could spend the whole day in bed as I wouldn't"t have
to cover up much. He slowly went to work on my cock and balls. I asked
him to turn illigal underage pics around so we could 69 and he fed me that beautiful cock of his.
Since he was on top he was doing the thrusting and kept feeding underage webcam board me a little
more cock than I had taken before until I would gag then he would back off.
Richard asked me to play with his ass with 2 fingers. I started playing
with his ass and he slowly inserted a finger up my ass. He kept bringing
to the point where I wanted to cum then he would stop. Each time he
stopped he would apply more lotion to my hole. After about an hour of this
he started underage search engine to work a second finger in my ass. I asked him to stop. man did
that hurt. he sat up on the bed and pulled me across his lap with my back
and head on 2 pillows and my legs dangling on the bed. ever so slowly he
started to work those 2 fingers in snd out of my ass all the time telling
my how tight I was and what a beautiful boy I was. man he sure knew what
words to say and when to say them.
The whole time he was sawing his fingers in and out of my still virgin
ass I could feel his hot,hard cock pressing against my back. Well he
fingered my ass till he had both fingers in there all the way for several
minutes of fucking. he bent forward and sucked my cock in to his mouth and
I came immediately.
Richard had me fuck him several more times over the next few days.
Never once did he ask me if he could fuck me. He would just keep fucking
my ass with first one finger then 2, this went on for a couple of weeks
then he added a third finger. Now remember I was now a big guy but with his
skills my ass had been getting prepared for that third finger since he had
put in underage webcam board
the first one. It took a couple of days of slowly fucking my ass
before I could take all of free underaged hentai 3 fingers in my ass.
Having a couple of sisters at home I came up with an idea. I knew what
Richard wanted and was going to give it to him so one day while I was the
only one at home I rummaged thru one of my sisters underwear drawers till I
found what I thought was a sexy pair of panties. I took them and hid them
in the room underage search engine
I shared with my older brother. The next morning I waited for
my brother to go to underage vietnamese girls the bathroom and I quickly put on the panties under my
regular underwear and pedo underage pron got dressed. My heart was racing a thousand miles an
hour as I ate breakfast as I was sure I would get caught
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